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About Us

Hello! I’m Rex, the founder and heart of Sacred Seams. My vision for Sacred Seams is deeply rooted in my core beliefs, and I'd love to share these guiding principles with you:

  1. Authenticity: Embracing your true self is fundamental to finding your path.
  2. TimelessnessWhat is true remains always true. These Universal Laws illuminate the path to a better world.
  3. One Mind: We are all unique expressions of Consciousness (known by many names, such as Brahma, Divinity, Higher Power, God, Daemon, Spirit, Muse, and others).

Our creations are not just apparel – they're expressions of these enduring principles. Each design aims to be a conversation starter, connecting like-minded individuals and sparking curiosity among others.

For the past 5 years, under the alias RexAffects, I’ve been creating intentional artworks and performing live visuals on LED walls at festivals nationwide. My creative process involves multiple mediums, all inspired by my daily readings and personal growth.

Join me in the fashion-conscious revolution, where what we broadcast to the world matters.


Creator of Sacred Seams

At Sacred Seams, our ethos is deeply entwined with timeless spiritual insights, reflecting the unique journey of every individual soul. We embrace the profound interconnectedness of the universe and the rich depth of spiritual wisdom. We recognize the ageless truths that echo in every heart. 

Every garment in our collection stands as a testament to this fusion of tradition and contemporary flair, intertwining spiritual understanding with modern aesthetics. Donning a piece from Sacred Seams isn't just a fashion statement – it's an embrace of a deeper philosophy, a beacon of your beliefs, and a celebration of the universal truths that bind us all.

Family meetup 2022

Additionally, I co-host a podcast named 'Mr. Pronoia' with a dear friend, where we explore the esoteric themes that fuel my artwork. Join us in our quest to understand the ineffable and get a feel for the philosophy that fuels the artwork.

Podcast Link: Mr. Pronoia on Spotify

Thanks for supporting my journey as an an independent artist and student of life.